Joe is no stranger to racing, although, it hasn't always been jet cars. Like most childern of the 60's, cars were a big part of Joe's life. However, Joe's parents recognized from the beginning that allowing him to own anything with horsepower would mean trouble. Therefore, his passion became snow skiing and downhill racing and is still high on his 'want to do list when time allows'! The 70's and 80's were consunmed with waterski racing and boat racing until Joe was hit by a breadtruck, on his bicycle, in Hawaii, preparing for a triathlon. The injuries (extensive) put waterski racing out of the future and a hold on the need for speed. So ended a career on the water with several national championship trophies for both skiing and boat racing.

In 1988 Joe was still trying to decide what to do next when he went to watch a friend license for top fuel funny car. As fate would have it, they also had jet cars at the event and the rest, you could say, is jet car history. A jet dragster was purchased and Joe licensed in 1988. Since then, Joe has owned four jet cars and raced in seven countries. Japan (3) times with NHRA Team USA, Brazil (team USA), All over Canada, Mexico, the United States, Austrailia and New Zealand. In 1999, Capt. Bob Vance and Jerry Segal came up with a plan to drag Joe behind the Secret Weapon jet tank, holding on to a set of handlebars, on his stomach, for a world record. In the next two years, Joe set world records at 177 mph and then in 2001, 199 mph. A family meeting and majority vote put an end to the short lived stunt career, but Joe maintains he is fine with that and says he may hold the over 50 year old, sliding record for a long time!!! His wife and best friend Kathy, a Psychiatric Nurse, has enough on her hands with Joe and her son Steve now racing jet cars side by side. This said after Joe crashed his '57 chevy jet funny car in Canada in 2001. She is the best!!

Joe has a degree in Safety Engineering and has worked for a utility company for 28 years. He is 55 years old in 2004, enjoys his 5 grandkids, horses, dirtbikes, waterskiing (although with 5 grandkids, he has been relagated to perpetual boat driver) and his Harley!!

Joe Brown would like to give special thanks to: Kenny Meeker, Bob Vance, Jerry Segal, Mike Druse, Smitty, Jeff Raban and Glenn Miller.


Steve Cooke has been involved in the world of Jet Car racing for close to 10 years. Steve was crew chief for his step-father Joe Brown, and the Arizona Outlaw-1957 Chevy Jet Funny Car. After successful making over a half dozen full-burner passes in the '57 and just before Steve was planning to license in the car, Joe crashed the Arizona Outlaw in Medicine Hat, Alberta Canada in the midst of a North America/Canada Jet Car tour in September 2001 . Every one involved with the Arizona Outlaw including Joe, Steve, Kathy(Steve's Mother), friends and anyone that ever witnessed the '57 running down the track was devastated!

With spirits as high as they could be, Steve and Joe starting brainstorming with Jet Car phenom Jerry Segal on plans for 2 new cars for Steve and Joe. The Engine for the '57 was transplanted into a 28.5' Segal chassis and Steve's new car "The Last Outlaw" was born(named of course in memory of the Arizona Outlaw). Steve licensed in the car in July of 2002 with help of great friends Joe Brown, Kathy Brown, Gavin Cooke, Jerry and Viginia Segal, Al Arriaga, Tom Broberg, and Bob Vance.

In the off-season, The Last Outlaw was converted into what is now know as "War Wagon," a jet powered Half Track. The sole purpose of this is to race side-by-side with Joe Brown and his jet powered Tank.


Gavin Cooke was literally raised at a drag strip, watching his dad Steve Cooke and his Grand dad Joe Brown, racing jet cars in three different countries. The toughest part when he was young was keeping his hearing protection on...he LOVED the noise! In 2009 while his dad Steve was racing in Alberta, Canada, Gavin got his first ride in a Jr. funny car. He was hooked and his dad moved him into his own Jr. dragster, fondly called 'El Greengo'!!

Gavin is an honor student at Queen Creek High School in Queen Creek, Az. Gavin enjoys football, drag racing, video games and hanging with his cousins, Jake, Josh, Joey and Katie. Gavin also tried his luck at bull riding!! In a family full of motor heads, racing is a big part of Gavin's life. He is also looking forward to a possible ride in a pro comp dragster with Jaren Mott in Salt Lake City. Yes girls, Gavin is available (at least at this time!!!). We've added his pictures to our photo gallery also.

Gavin is also sponsored by Kelly Artieta at


Even Gavin's grandmother Kathy, Joe's wife and Steve's mother, is a race fan and the families biggest supporter! See Kathy in a 7 second pass in Canada on our Photos page.