We are fireshow guys!

Joe and Steve at Firebird's Season Opener!

Fireballs at Firebird!

The crowd loves our smoke and fire shows!

War Wagon's maiden voyage at Speedworld!

Joe nuking a car in Edmonton, Canada!

Steve hi-jacked the Tank for this car burn!

It appears that there was just a little fuel left in the gas tank, she exploded in grand fashion!

We love smoke!

Can you say "FIRE"?

Joe at Firebird

Joe leaving on Steve in Edmonton

Hot August Nights - Edmonton '04

Heating up the crowd!

Canada, EH!

Was this before or after
I ran out of fuel?

In 2001 while racing in Canada, Joe crashed his '57 chevy jet car.
The injuries were nothing compared to losing the most beautiful jet funny car ever built!

Joe racing in Osaka Japan

Joe racing Roscoe Mcglashen's car in New Zealand

Kathy's dragster in the pits

What a team!

Kathy settling in her dragster

"I'm ready to race!

Kathy's 7 second pass in Canada!

Joe doing a fire show in the tank in Texas

Joe getting pulled behind the Secret Weapon

Gavin Racing

Gavin and the crew

Gavin and the bull!

Jake is also Gavin's Crew at the track

Gavin and his dad, Jet Car Steve Cooke

Jake, Josh and Gavin...
after a board meeting at Hooter's??!!

Jake and Gavin in the staging lanes

Click here to see a Quicktime video of Secret Weapon racing War Wagon!